Helpful Tips: What Are the Best Foods To Add Sea Moss To?

Helpful Tips: What Are the Best Foods To Add Sea Moss To?

Sea moss is becoming more and more popular as people realize it’s healthy and makes a great ingredient. You can make any meal better by adding this superfood without much effort. However, some foods are better than others. As such, you can use this as a guide to learn the answer to the question, “What are the best foods to add sea moss to?” Warning: this guide does assume you’re using sea moss gel, which you can make by mixing sea moss and water in a blender.


One of the biggest benefits sea moss gel adds to a meal outside its health benefits is texture. Sea moss gel can effectively thicken any food without overpowering the food’s flavors. This makes it great for any soup that’s too thin for your preference, as you can get a thicker texture without losing flavor.


Smoothies are extremely popular due to their potential health benefits. And sea moss gel is perfect for these drinks. Adding just a bit of gel can make any drink healthy, and the gel already has the consistency most people like in their smoothies. Plus, the flavor of raw wildcrafted organic sea moss doesn’t compete with the taste of other popular ingredients like fruit.

Baked Goods

Many people wouldn’t think sea moss would be a great addition to baked goods. However, adding it into a mix before putting a baked good into an oven adds unique textures and flavors. Plus, the sea moss acts as a bonding agent that works well with eggs and can even replace them in many recipes.


Sauces are also among the best foods to add sea moss to. Any sauce you make can use a good amount of sea moss to gain a thicker texture. So long as your sauce isn’t too weak, the sea moss will have little effect on its flavor. It’ll just make the sauce as thick as you want. This makes it a great replacement for flour as a thickener.

So, if you’re looking to elevate a meal’s texture, taste, and healthiness, you can add sea moss to any of these foods. You can also try adding sea moss gel into other dishes when you want a thicker texture. But these are the most popular foods for sea moss.

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