What is Sea Moss?
Chondrus Crispus, Gracilaria and Eucheuma Cottonii is referred to as Irish Sea Moss aka Sea Moss. Sea Moss is found along the coasts of the Atlantic and some parts of the Caribbean and contains 92 of 102 trace minerals essential to our body’s growth and development. In its fresh condition the plant is soft and cartilaginous, varying in color from a greenish-yellow, through red, to a dark purple or purplish-brown. The principal constituent of Sea Moss is a mucilaginous body, made of Carragenan of which it contains about 55%; the plant also has nearly 10% of protein and about 15% minerals, specifically rich in iodine and sulfur. It will form a jelly when boiled or processed with water expanding from 20 to 100 times of its weight.

Benefits of Sea Moss?
Sea Moss provides a wealth of important nutrients including; protein, beta-carotene, B vitamins, pectin, vitamin C and Sulphur. One of the most important of these nutrients is a Sulphur-containing amino acid called taurine – a nutrient that is commonly lacking in vegetarian and vegan diets.
The top benefits Sea Moss:

  1. Rids the body of mucus
  2. Recovery and relief from joint and muscle pain
  3. Promotes mental/emotional health
  4. Promotes healthy skin
  5. Promotes digestive regularity
  6. Suppresses appetite
  7. Boosts immune function
  8. Improves metabolism
  9. Promotes regular thyroid function
  10. Promotes healthy sexual function

Uses of Sea Moss?
Sea Moss can be consumed in many forms and ways. While being nutritionally packed, it can be used to replace other thickening agents and binders. Seam Moss is perfect in your smoothies and any dessert recipes. Try it in your broths, herbal teas, juices and soup stock. When applied to the skin, it helps improve eczema, psoriasis, and acne breakouts.

  • The recommended amount of sea moss gel to take daily is 1-2 tablespoons per day. You can take up to 1/4 cup.

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