Real vs. Fake: How To Tell Your Sea Moss Is the Real Deal

Real vs. Fake: How To Tell Your Sea Moss Is the Real Deal

Sea moss typically comes from one of two sources. Either you can harvest sea moss from the wild, or you can grow it in a special pool and harvest it from there. Now, there are distinct differences between real wildcrafted sea moss and pool-grown fake sea moss. This is how to tell your sea moss is the real deal and not pool-grown.


One of the easiest ways to distinguish between pool-grown and real sea moss is to check the color. Natural sea moss is darker in color, usually a tan or gold, leaning towards brown. Sea moss grown in a pool is lighter in color and more yellowish than brown.


Another difference between the two kinds of sea moss is the stems’ feel and size. Sea moss from the wild usually feels dry, chunky, and stringy. The stems are also thinner than pool sea moss. In comparison, fake sea moss is normally a bit wet and has a slippery feel.


When it comes to flavor, pool-grown sea moss contains a large amount of salt. In contrast, wildcrafted sea moss is significantly less salty. Regular sea moss also has an ocean or fishy smell, while pool sea moss has a chemical smell from the pool in which it sat.


Now, the difference between pool sea moss and natural sea moss isn’t just taste or color. Wildcrafted sea moss is significantly more nutritious, as it absorbs the nutrients from the sun and surrounding water. Pool sea moss lacks most of these nutrients, making it less healthy for consumers.

Now that you know how to tell if your sea moss is the real deal and why it matters, you can eat your wholesale wildcrafted sea moss while knowing you’re getting the best product.

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