Sea Moss Gel Storing Tips: The Proper Way To Store Sea Moss

storing sea mossSea moss is an amazing superfood that’s full of vitamins and minerals your body needs. Plus, Caribbean gold sea moss has low amounts of calories and fat, making it a great source of these nutrients. However, if you don’t know how to store your sea moss correctly, you may have problems keeping it long enough to eat later. To avoid this problem, read this guide on the proper way to store sea moss.

Cleaning the Moss

To start, you need to prepare and clean your sea moss so that it’ll last in storage. The best way to clean your moss is to wash it in a bowl of clean water for about a minute, removing any debris you find. After doing this, you should drain the water. Repeat this at least three times to clean your sea moss.

Airtight Container

Once you clean your sea moss, you can prepare it for storage. This way, you can eat it later. The main thing you need for storing sea moss is an airtight container. There are several items that are great for storing sea moss, such as Tupperware containers or mason jars. These are airtight and can withstand cold environments.

Fridge and Freezer

Now that you have the airtight container, you should put the clean sea moss in it to prepare it for storage. You can store your sea moss in several places depending on how long you need it to last. The fridge will keep your sea moss safe for roughly two to three weeks. A freezer will maintain your sea moss for about three months, though you’ll need to thaw it when you want to eat it.

As with almost all food, you should check if the sea moss is okay before you eat it after storing it for a while. Bad sea moss will have a pungent or rancid odor. Additionally, it might have a slimy gray or green coating. Throw the sea moss out if you see this, as it means that mold has grown on the moss. But as long as you remember the proper way to store sea moss and eat it in a timely fashion, you should have no issues enjoying it.

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