The best thing about sea moss gel is that a little bit goes a very long way. On average, you need to add no more than a tablespoon or two of the vitamin- and nutrient-rich stuff to your drinks and meals to get the full effect of its benefits. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to use sea moss gel daily in your recipes, beverages, and other routines. And if you're in need of assurance, know that sea moss gel is gluten-free and more than vegan friendly!

The most common way to use sea moss gel daily is to add it to a smoothie or other drink. Sea moss gel breaks down easily in water, so it's good for tea and juices. It blends very well, making it a convenient and nutritious addition to your shake or smoothie.

Some swear by regular applications of sea moss gel to their skin and hair. It works well as a face mask or simply a soothing agent for inflammation or dry skin. As for hair, it's a great conditioner, adding vitamin E to the follicles and keeping hair shiny and healthy.

Sea moss gel is great for adding texture to different foods and makes soup, stew, and other potentially runny meals thicker without the use of animal products. Before you ask, yes, it does have a taste—but it's so faint it won't interfere with your dish's unique flavors, and it doesn't add extra calories!

Get extra protein in an already hearty meal of beans and rice. This vitamin- and nutrient-rich meal has plenty of good stuff in it, but the sea moss gel adds an extra layer of consistency and thickness that will leave you satisfied. And that's just one recipe among many that you can whip up any evening! Ultimately, there are so many ways to use sea moss gel daily—simply go with what works for you.